Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Registration will only be allowed through the system.

Yes, the gCommerce system is a stand-alone system and a user should register on the system. The user will also have to provide group to which he/she belongs. (requester or request approver or evaluation approver)

The information will be used by the system administrator to verify that the information provided is correct. The online registration system creates the user account, while the scanned document contains additional information that will ensure user is assigned to correct organisation and groups.

Even though the user will be able to access and transact on the system, it is advisable that new users register for training before transacting on the system. Training schedules for the gCommerce system are available on the SITA website. An email can be sent to to register for training.

No, segregation of duty is enforced in the system where a user cannot be registered for multiple access groups.

User account will not be created. The administrator will send through a system generated email notification informing the user of the discrepancy in the registration details.